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punjshment for supposed acts for ovl periods of time often with
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ownership to the department of horse breeding of the college of
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man and Bovine Tubercle Bacilli for Some Large Animals by
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Acne artificialis is rather a cHnical variety the residt usually
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tures which is manifested by small irregular and feeble pulse
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another and the veterinarian would receive nothing from what
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the head. This may be given in alternation turn about with
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your lameness look for a nail in his foot. I appreciate more
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utes of the previous meeting were accepted as read.
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most frequently in the spring and autumn. The principal cause is
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Ledum Palustre. If the itching commences after going to bed
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be found material directly bearing upon the subjects which ab
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interest to this great gathering viz. the information of an in
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The localities where they are most commonly observed are the scalp
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Lowe is now completing the work of the revision of the Vet
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mencement of pregnancy. Sometimes however it takes place
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pin head sized elevations containing in their centers blackish points.
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of distinction are in the former occur early trismus with rhythmic
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sensation in the throat and thin watery discliarge from the head.
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broken into two or more pieces without any external wound it is
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as time goes on can become indispensable to the farmer is that
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of the stomach exposure to cold the transferring of rheumatism or
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pus upon the spinal cord when lying upon the side caused the
Symptoms of brain pressure are headache vomiting mental dull
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Diagnosis. While the symptoms are suggestive of the varieties
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til intoxicated and should remain under its influence until the
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be attended with vomiting chill fever and sudden pain in the renal region.
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health two sounds separated by a momentary lence the short
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centres. The posterior mediastinal gland is five inches long and
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that he did not by any means vouch for its infallibility in
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about every three minutes. After treating the udder I gave