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It is an inflammation of th lt mucous membrane of the mouth on

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varied complications and dangers. Frequently febrile movement

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little more butter and a teaspoonful of French brandy. The but

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records names of authors but because it greatly helps to com

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The Austrian city of Vienna is about to put into operation a

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grow as a fserson. Thank you all for the love and support.

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not become costive he should attend regularly to the calls of

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Erythema nodostmi is an inflammatory disease attended by the

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The creosote from which Chloro Naptholeum is made is a genuine

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worry excesses of various kinds ovarian disease menstrual disorders

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tion I read the following points The chances of success in

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affects the brain and delirium or convulsions may take place. It

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of cases and extracts from Cadiot s Clinical Veterinary Medi

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the place of horses it is rather suggestive that according to the

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and strong after consciousness is regained either tinctvire of vera

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sire of Eclipse. It would seem that with the incestuously bred

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Mix. Bathe the eye several times a day with this wash. After

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Papers are to be read at the next meeting by Drs. Pope

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palms of the hands foreign bodies remaining in a wound wounds

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lower part of the abdomen with a painful itching about the anus.

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in the valves. If the alkalies fail and the inflammation shows a

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