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The horse light under the knee is apt to suffer from strains of
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excess of myotatic irritability and spasms with developing spastic
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amazing ride and I love that I got to share it with you.
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Expectorate. To throw out phlegm or other matter from the windpipe or
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is then repeated. It is a serious indication and may be observed in
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Immunization of Cattle Against Tuberculosis the author
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Some appropriating what might be called a normal solution of
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For children equal parts of aromatic syrup of rhubarb and castor
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to dilatation of the bronchial tubes and stasis of the bronchial
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had never sired a black colt until then. Gaines Denmark was
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tion are very dangerous. For instance the veterinarian must pre
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by lymphatic enlargement hemorrhages and the presence of large
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taken place after the expulsion of the bronchial coagula and
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thyroid gland especially in the young gives symptoms resembling
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Where the bowels are much swollen poultices of hops or linseed
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VIEW for its able work along lines of mutual interest for its
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massage bathing galvanism and specially arranged gymnastics