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space. It may in rare instances follow croupous or catarrhal

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trial but did not succeed. I located the hip joints cut the skin

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when walking. The maceration of the epidermis and the secretion

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prolonged cultivation twenty generations on glycerin beef


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additional progression may be accomplished in the profession

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Another effective emetic is powdered alum in molasses or honey

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passed over the body. On the seventli ir eiglith day after the first

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full and rapid skin hot and dry breathing rapid wheezing and

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and Kalle who maintain that the immunization is completed on

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Sunday th the fourth day appeared to be worse added

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rial character we find that the parasite of malaria in the human

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peal in every case is not to authority what anybody may have

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Carbonate of Soda one ounce water one pint mix and wash

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At I o clock p. M. the members adjourned to Hotel Hartford

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difficult to locate but the severity of the symptoms profuse

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Baeley Cc gt fkee. Roast barley until well brown and boil a

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Diagnosis. Caille gives the following differential diagnosis

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most serious forms of unsoundness or those that are very obsti

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Succeeding the attack and during the intervals the diet shotild be

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lessens the quantity of milk makes it thin and serous and causes

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the occasional handout in the form of a small monetary

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ity for mental exertion vertigo and pain of a sharp shooting charac

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the disease. Moller also experimented on himself in a similar

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Exercise. This is a most important part of the preservation of

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however avoid all highly seasoned food liquors and strong tea and

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Mix. Divide into twelve pills of which take one or two for a

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Treatment. The cause shotdd be ascertained and removed. Ton

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