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healthy. Examination of the glands under the microscope re

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acute and chronic bronchial catarrh. Acute bronchial catarrh is

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bleeding is checked. If the patient be uneasy and restless and

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place. The Dairy Division likewise has expert dairy inspectors

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formance an absolutely acctu ate result may be obtained. He

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use of alcohol. Inebriety is a form of dementia there existing an

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investigations in which Profs. Vallee and Carr were engaged

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vaccination must for the present be regarded as a scientific

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Dyspepsia has to be distinguished from chronic gastritis and the

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alkaline solutions such as lime water and solution of sodium bicar

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tremely liable to inactions and fermentations of the bowel s

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and even the application of drainage tubes to facilitate the in

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lates continuously without destroying life at the time the pericardial

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nitrite by inhalation is especially valuable in those cases where

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the latter rapid the vesicles of the former rupturing spontaneously

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to the infant. Teeth cutting generally begins between the ages

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toms dropsy etc. Pressure applied over the supraorbital notches

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places insufficient food filthy habits excessive use of pork want

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What a pity that the good Doctor does not undertake the com

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Boil away one quarter strain and add Alum one scruple and

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sion being an apathy and torpor rather than a mental pain and

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nose which is very offensive heaviness and confusion in the head

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Prognosis. Acute leukemia terminates fatally within two or three

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nate in yielding to treatment or are incurable. Unsoundnesses

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tions. Chronic heart disease uric add diathesis and exposure to

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the current number of the American Veterinary Review in

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about lo A. M. The patient was reported to have been on her