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Aconite. Should be given in the beginning when the fever is

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John W. Adams but like Dr. Rutherford he could not be made

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Peliosis rheumatica Schoenlein s disease is characterized by

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was beginning. In nine the tumor sloughed off leaving a

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The three calves of one of the sub groups were given seven

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tida with a pint of gruel should be administered. During the in

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has been appointed by the Canadian Minister of Agriculture

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and followed by reports of cases by the same author which were

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a small quantity of urine by means of a pipette. Peptone will be

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mouth and offensive breath. If no improvement takes place in

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place the patient having his feet in a smaller tub or vessel. If

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Upon further examination I could feel the tail of another and

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and the point at which they are heard with greatest intensity and

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hospital care of such patients now in vogue in all properly conducted