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the milk farms inspected in these small towns no less than
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sound skin apply freely and repeat daily if necessary. Nitrate
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airy. Care must be taken that it be well ventilated moderately
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Qhamornilla Nux Vomica or Sulphur if it is noticed after meals
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Colchtcum. May be given after Pulsatilla or when the smell of
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another. Almost always due to cold or damp or direct draught of
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course of the ureters into the testicles and penis irritable bladder
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reliving my childhood
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as to the action which must be taken upon complaints when
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ankle apparently moulded itself into the bed of the uterus and
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shape size and movements and the disturbance of the circulation.
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vocate of classical study though his spirit was really character
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mucus great inclination to sleep or restlessness from nervousness
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utes of the previous meeting were accepted as read.
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evacuations and coldness of the extremities face pale eyes
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The rule of transfer whereby men are kept in rotation in a
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Qommy Thanks for always talking to me when needed you most.
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The thoracic viscera also l ecome involved in the manifesta
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Squinting StrabisTmui Foreign Sulwtauces in the Eye.
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filled with dirt and coagulated synovia. All shreds of tissue and
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mediately we were swamped with letters protests against the
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necessary to resort to sedatives such as morphine and hyosdne.
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after walking constipation of the bowels disposition to or pres
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acteristic features of eczema are of value in arriving at a diagnosis
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a mild equable climate for instance in the autumn and spring
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ward the right ilitun. Chills fever and jatmdice are also present.
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bulky foods much vegetables and fruits. Bran bread gluten bread
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stance is not known. Among the theories that have been put for
great deformity and discomfort. The two varieties named represent
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S. C A Contribution to the Study of Epizootic Abortion.
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tobacco alcohol petit mal pyrexia violent exercise acute fever
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cle. Most ordinarily tlie last portion of the floating colon con
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Idiocy differs from other states of insanity in the fact that it is
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sionally about a foot and drops it immediately pulse about
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recommended. The portal congestion is best relieved by salines
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cant wait to see where your hopes and dreams lead you.
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the same temperature over the shoulders and body. As a general
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muscles loss of sphincter control and loss of sensation.
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or three days during the inflammation. The leg should be bathed
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he been sick All day hurry right out Doc he s awful
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The Committee on Veterinary Progress composed of Drs.
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short time. A sow gelder is said to have removed the ovaries
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rarely before the third year. They are unattended with itching or