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Cohosh drachms. Dose drops in a little water once an

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acidity of thf stomach and allay irritation. Essence of Pepper

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menstruation. Cases may occasionally be observed in which no cause

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or of chlorin or develop after the ingestion of certain substances

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Should the case assume a milder course anchylosis of the

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Mcrcurius. Inflammation of the eyes with burning smarting

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impeding the outward flow of bile. The bile in the hepatic ducts

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metamorphosis are not readily carried from the system owing


ganization of the Association of Faculties to deal directly with

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will sometimes give relief. A solution of extract of opium in the

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Blackberry root. Strawberry leaves and root Cherry tree bark

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case made a good recovery and the foal remained healthy. The

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To prevent costiveness a teaspoonful of Cream of Tartar mixed

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Inspiration appears especially slowed and embarrassed and as a

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bottom layer consisting of pus and debris. It is a symptom of

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Prognosis. Very unfavorable although the danger to life is often

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panied in many instances by their wives were seen each lec

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skin at numerous points through which necrotic masses and purulent

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removed the skin and fat and boil in a small quantity of water

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lessened by dry cups over the kidneys digitalis potassium acetate

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creased by sitting up and moving about the pain being generally

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ing or evening together with a sensation while lying on the back