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intense heat great thirst burning cutting pain about the navel.

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Moderate exercise should be prescribed. Stimulants such as iron

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In obstinate cases after using as above apply a piece of flannel

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longer reacts thereto. In practising the procedures named astrin

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to confer with Gov. Warner relative to the appointment of a

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The feet should be soaked in warm weak lye water and flannel

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his superiority over persons lacking such qualifications.

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and the administration of stomachics red wine iron etc.

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it will also stop bleeding caused bj a severe blow.

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cells are increased in the upper layer of the cortex where some may

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Give at one dose and repeat every two three or four hours

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elongated papillae are siuroimded by dense cones of the homy layer

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The muscular system is profoundly relaxed the reflex movements

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limbs feverishness headache depression of spirits coated tongue

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prints the photo of his pleasing face in the role and garb of

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the International Veterinar Congress. Among them are Dr.

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manifestations of tuberculosis elsewhere in the body.

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practicing veterinary medicine veterinary surgery or veteri

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knowledge of the great science of biology is limited and in

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and a ball in the throat the globus hystericus. These and similar

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scabs becoming joined to others soon form large patclics. The

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Psoriasis Circinata The eruption is about the size of the former

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vomiting photophobia mental irritability insomnia fullness or

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old age. While this change is in progress in probably the majori

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conditions attempts have been made to dissipate the edema of the

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No one seems to have heard of the examination for veterinarians

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will be beneficial. When the disease is obstinate a poultice of

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vessels are seen as delicate or coarse red lines running superficially

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promote in an animal which furnishes man with meat and milk

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without any desire to stool redness of the face rush of blood to

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The lesion consists of a transverse rupture of the prepubian

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tion method with attenuated human tubercle bacilli that is

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lungs also which the spirometer shows to be between and

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torpid or dilated due in all probability to a vasomotor paresis which

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Dose a tablespoonful every morning before breakfast.

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inary surgery and shall pass an examination to the satisfaction

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was a tie vote and decided by the Chair that the motion should

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of chloral or cannabis indica. Give eserine one and one half

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of South Africa are prevalent among the domesticated animals.

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ters of its lesions distemper must be placed among the bryocy

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the left sided hypertrophy of the heart.. A systolic heart murmur pos

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Symptoms. Inflammation which produces dropsy is generally slow

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Dr. Charles H. Higgins of Canada Chairman of this com

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the difficulty frequently arises from an effort to speak while draw

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