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a teaspoonful each of nitre and alum mix divide into six powders

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the powder may be used. Commence giving the Quinine after the

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in convulsions or fainting. The attack may last from a few min

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thor had the idea to assimilate the troubles to the lumbo ab

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ondarily a parenchymatous inflammation. The affected muscles

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and lu oxanthin the color deepens if the quantity voided be decreased

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chronic bronchial catarrh the mucous membrane exhibits rather a

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teaspoonsful of water and give a teaspoonful every fifteen min

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at once its operation may be hastened by tickling the throat with

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Linsey There hosnt been q day since weVe met that you

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hol half a pint. Mix and let them stand fourteen days fre

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of this country. In some few cases among the equine race tliere

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extended to this committee for its work during the past two

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Bordighera San Kemo Mentone Ajaccio in Corsica. In the

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rise to thick firm masses of induration. The affected area has a

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dition is manifested by difl amp culty in swallowing which is spasmodic

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leads to attenuation and rupture of the myocardium. As may be under

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in front of the ear. As the acute symptoms subside potassium

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take hold of. Since that wonderful event the mother has not

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distended with air the bronchi being filled with clots preventing

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character. They become profane and vulgar and often resort to

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For Megnin the theory presented is all fancy and he rather

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laryngeal mucous membrane with a sound induces no reflex move

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tained by the linea alba ending on the pubis in the prepubian

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be injected subcutaneously into horses rabbits and guinea pigs

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marked in this variety than in the preceding. The premonitory or

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of your readers who have had a large practical experience of

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pint of lime water. If any of these applications produce an irri

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are we have not an ignorant superficial and inconsequential

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colleagues at present stationed in the Philippines have had more

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In yoimg children it may cause obstruction to the respiration and

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