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Jl the patient is harassed with a cough especially at night th

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massage bathing galvanism and specially arranged gymnastics

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own army veterinarians. That the disease is commonest in

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tincture of Black Cohosh. Give this in doses of twenty drops in

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mal remains in the case of the female until engorged with

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the lumbar region with my obstetrical saw. I used the flap of

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apparent in allowing them to drop the eyes and head are not turned

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able to put up with me in general and for your turkey chili.

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there are men who have from choice taken up its practice after


Prognosis. Under treatment a great improvement can be

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A Refreshing Drink in Fevers. Put a little sage two

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should be corrected and strict attention be given to the rules for

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vessel two days with water enough to wet it through place it in

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the size the phlegmonous nature of the inflammation the cribriform

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During the menstrual period no treatment is necessary unless

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cided that meetings of the Association be held semi annually

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lesions I had an opportunity to examine at the Societe Centrale

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constantly worn and should be of a kind that fits well and be

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Such was the case in the first that Mr. Hamoir observed. In

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ease is most frequently associated with those parts which are

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warm tea occasionally and let him sweat. This may be continued

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A regular stated meeting was held at Donaldson s Hall

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hour or two. If the symptoms still increase apply a mustard

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in creolin injections severe diet opium and aconite internally.

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the staphylococcus pyogenes aureus and the streptococcus pyogenes

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me asked him Where are the flies With a gentle sarcastic

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While he may not be possessed of much experience in the rais

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according to the existing abnormal condition of the kidneys. Usually

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time under the daily application of the creosote compound.

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is usually below normal. The heart s action is weak with a frequent

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Hightstown March th and that a suitable floral piece had

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as in inflanmiation of these parts in the very feeble.

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tion toward the surface of the lung but remain at least of equal