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dryness of tie throat pains shooting into the tonsils and ears
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tenderness and enlargement. Von Leube has shown that the
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the body should be bathed several times a day in a warm solution
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Hightstown March th and that a suitable floral piece had
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to rectal alimentation. The administration of dilute hydrochloric
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The chairman of the Army Legislation Committee of the
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About the third or fourth day after confinement the breasts b
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that mare had been in this condition for about seven days.
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inquire concerning my health and offer words of cheer and who
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symptoms of fever as chills especially in the back and loins fol
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be attributed to a primary nervous trouble. Two days later an
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Wm. Herbert Lowe in behalf of the Association. President
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who is making a success of his profession knows or should
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vie. Case I. A five year old cow manifested great labor
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an impromptu address of much mirth and full of pleasant
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pulmonary artery pulmonary emphysema chronic bronchial
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but there still remains difficulty in breathing hoarseness and rough
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The other was also sore and stiff with more stiffness and
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death presents pale and distorted features and exhibits the signs of internal
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to a complete paraplegia. There are also jerking and twitching
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