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Pustule. A pimple with an inflamed base containing mattcM.

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tissue and also to make animal inoculations. By the former

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disease has been brought on by exposure to cold pregnancy abor

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possible time during which a sufficient degree of immunity may

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Hyposecretion of Saliva Xerostomia or Dry Mouth. The chief

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cles or pustules forming there occur dry scales rising from the

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is then taken by the ordinary means. Increased specific gravity of

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increased blood pressure in the hepatic arteries and later by obstruc

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stale or brown bread are advised. Stimulants should not be taken

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strongly carried out away from the body the foot rolled outward

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the pain is very severe the dyspnea great and the arterial tension

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present themselves at any time. IrritabV i r oi a gt s

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the characteristic physical signs of that affection.

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of the digestive tract belong to tuberculosis. When tympani

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ers and farmers upon subjects connected with the diseases of

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have been enacted within recent years requiring special educa

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required. Morphine may be given for the pain. The best treat

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OTcr the chest. It should however be snugly tucked around

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will have a better show of being granted specially if they are

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is checked however the doses should be decreased. If the

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fold mucous membrane below the true vocal bands paresis of

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of thrombi at the narrowed portions of the arteries thus cutting

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We note that the final conclusion arrived at by Dr. Pearson

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dish pus with the typical aspect of salivary pus escapes in small

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solution applied by means of a probe or knitting needle. Tinc

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cut Veterinary Medical Association a bill regulating the prac

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in the side which are aggravated by breathing coughing and

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Anna you are a wonderful friend. Thank you for all the good

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relieve the symptoms when administered internally. Locally appli

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Symptoms. In addition to the various changes in shape in the