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on the injured side and seize the ankle with one hand and the

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defeneration collapse pericardial effusion and emphysema.

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abdomen the remaining one fourth l ang to the right of the median

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by the cold condition of the growth. In six days the slough

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becoming fatigued. Apply cold bandages to the abdomen on going

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moderate rigidity with alterations in the gait and at times mental


stimulants should be continued to maintain the heart s action. Am

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will generally relieve the symptoms. The child may be allowed

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strual period but it varies in different women. It will average

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and allowed to remain and the tube was removed. The patient


in fecal impactions. In invagination the outlook is less favorable

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ing and regular deposit of an egg the How being but the outward

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cartilage. It is diastolic in time and is transmitted downward and

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or two teaspoonfuls. This may be continued for several weeks

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ernment inspector of the floor in the abattoir where its slaughter

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Opium. From fright with trembling dimness of the sight the

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i scanty passed with difficulty and highly colored.

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present in order to lay hold of my future. To my fellow

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next step in our careers will be no different. take great

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with swelling and succulence of these tissues accompanied by an

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most important factor in its causation is general nervous depression

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patients die within a short time from rupture of the heart.

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the bladder and there is scalding and burning along the passage

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tuberculosis disease of the suprarenal capsule Addison s disease

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used. For specks before the eyes give Euphrasia llepar Sul

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this is in turn followed by a semilucid interval often giving promise


impulse is forcible and diffused in the early stage as compensation

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Definition. An infectious inflammation of the vesical mucous

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occurs irregularly and is sometimes relieved by pressure.

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and fasciae which occupy the lumbar region. This is the most

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exciting causes of hard fast and steady work and irrational

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them the fact that the skilled veterinary practitioner of to day

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Causes. Acute rheumatism is generally caused by exposure to

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to agriculture of the up to date scientific practical educated

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ture method in special media or by inoculation by approved

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the advice of a family physician. This should be the function