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of the wrists and fingers situated in the forearm. Inflammation d

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Locally coimterirritation in the form of flying blisters or tincture

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consumed in these islands are imported from that country

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and removal of the cause the removal of any local irritant such as

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tion bleeding from the nose flashes of heat with chilliness cough

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The right psoas mu.scles were also blood stained and softened.

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There is always more or less heat swelling and redness of

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passed Senate Bill No.. This legislative act regulates the

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condemned meats in a cage fastened with a government lock

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sternimi and to push it downward when an aneurysm of the

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With it I have had better success than with any other form of

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of equal parts of Lobelia and Ipecac with Pennyroyal tea.

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oxysms with intervals of relief nausea and vomiting are present

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and drops in the hands of the writer. A small haemorrhage

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rounded by pus and is exfoliated when rupture of the pus takes

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diseased cattle have been found. In many of the cases the cows

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lowed either by the iced or the hot douche or hot sponges. Active