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Fort Yellowstone Wyoming. In a note he says The Na

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tion. The immunizing substance is living bacilli of human

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ounces mix. Give from five to twenty drops according to the

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the Association monopolize every office. This is by no means

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In erythromdalgia medication has been of no avail. Rest and

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Belladonna and its alkaloid atropine occasionally induce a diffuse

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add the very words that Prof. Leclainche uses after review

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are removed the surface is left red and shining. If the disease

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aminers prior to his examination the sum of. and said

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improves but after ten days the dropsical condition has returned

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if there are pains in the head and limbs chilliness and thirst.

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Chamomilla. Jerking and tearing sensation in the sid lt oi the

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feeling of constriction about the abdomen is often present with

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tained by the linea alba ending on the pubis in the prepubian

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in six or seven times before locating pus and it penetrated as

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shaped lesion. This appearance is most marked in recent cases.

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plication for membership of Geo. R. Smith was presented

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paralysis particularly of the muscles of the fore arm.

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To detect its presence the urine which must be add in reaction

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the leading nations of the world that maintains as civilians

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There were two reasons why the English found and secured

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hardening with contraction of the organ characterized by the fre

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seized with extreme dyspnea respiration is laliored deep cyanosis

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Dicjitalis. Especially when the dropsy is caused by disease of

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opposite side. On percussion dullness will be obtained over the fluid

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ness tearing shooting tingling pains worse in the open air or at

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If the bowels are constipated give Nux Vomica. If the dis

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In rare instances small fecal muco purulent stools containing more

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pendently in the structure of the appendix wall the infection being

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Quence of the marked emaciation either hang m ioVds axo m gt iJaa

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ing. When it is caused by a fall give Arnica when it results

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covers a small abscess which in the deep layer communicates

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education in the different schools. The reorganization of the As

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the veterinarian to pose for a breeder or an expert in breeding

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The tympanitic percussion note difteTslTOTCi w amp TiOTCMaS.v s

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discharge from the joint becomes thin and watery and mixed

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the lesions. By the extent of the lesions Prof. McFadyean ex

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in back and loins cold feet and hands. Females of spare habit

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every two hours until three doses have been taken unless the

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eficial. Ale lemonade sardines or smoked herring will sometimes

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conditions is the irritability of the nerve centres which naturally

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There is considerable difficulty involved in an attempt to ex

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on his side and apply some irritating or stimulating agent to the

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