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For the eczema the following may be used take two ounces

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presenting the papers. Under this head it was moved by Dr.

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Treatment. In purely functional conditions rest of mind and

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permit the dressing of the wound without causing a new displace

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acid nitrate of silver or chromitim trioxide is often satisfactory.

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highly essential in order to prevent the formation of bedsores. The

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pain moderate fever and the formation and discharge at stool of

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liquely lying nerve trunk is seen on the firm support of the


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In summing up it is found that no matter to which profes

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permanent textile materials willow rope or rattan and thus as

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perspiring irritants such as foreign bodies in the intestinal tract

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contents. The borders of the incision were excised about one

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produced reflexly as in those associated with gastric dilatation

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the fauces and directed toward the middle line. Mouth washes

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veterinary hospitals are equipped with a modern apparatus for

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the subject and which relates to experimental transmission of

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In typhoid pneumonia China may be used especially when the

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chilliness heat of the skin with pain in the belly increased by

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of abortion a crime for which there can be no excuse and whiet

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Wls. As morning approaches the symptoms decline and the

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to drink a warm infusion of Catnip Balm or Elder flowers.

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Prognosis. A favorable termination may be expected when the